This is the wiki entry for the Scion of Souls, the title born by the being who holds the Tome of Eight Souls.

Scion of SoulsEdit

At the conclusion of the war of the heavens, the new gods could not fully defeat the titans and so bound their remaining essences into the Tome of Souls. A mortal pure of heart was then chosen by the gods to be the guardian of this tome, which held incredible power.

The first was given the title of the Scion of Souls and it has been this way ever since. Each time a new mortal becomes the Scion of Souls, they take a blood oath and swear to protect the Tome at all costs from any and all who might seek to use it's power. In order to become the Scion, the mortal must always be pure of heart.

Order of the Black RoseEdit

Soon after the first mortal became the Scion of Souls, the Order of the Black Rose was founded. The order, since it's founding, has always been made up of 500 knights and various servants to support both the order and the fortress where they and the Scion make home. Although the servants are largely non-combatant, they still take the oath that all knights of the Black Rose must.

Each and every knight of the Order, swear an oath to give their life in servitude to the Scion of Souls. They also forsake all family, titles and holdings they might have had prior to being hand picked to join the Order. Some would say that the Order of the Black Rose are a currency for the Scion of Souls to spend in the defense of the tome he (or she) is sworn to protect. And they wouldn't be too far from the truth.

The knights that make up the Order of the Black Rose could be considered amongst the finest warriors in the land.

Fortress CraggEdit

Cragg Peak is one of the highest mountains in the world and it was here on the summit, that the first Scion of Souls swore the oath to protect the Tome of Eight Souls. And it is here where the Tome resides. Over centuries, Fortress Cragg has grown from a small settlement with a few wooden shacks, to a mighty and nigh impregnable fortress. Only two armies have sought to lay seige to Fortress Cragg in it's long history and both armies were beaten back, with only a handful of the Order of the Black Rose perishing on both occassions.

Apart from the fortress proper, there are a number of secret tunnels and caverns which the defenders can use in the events of a siege. Some say the system is so vast that it would take more than a century just to map all the tunnels if one wanted to use them against the Order of the Black Rose.

The Current ScionEdit

There is little known about the current Scion of Souls and most of what is 'known', are whispered in low voices and even then, most of that knowledge could simply be rumours. Before joining the Order of the Black Rose, the current Scion was already a formidble warrior and according to the rumours, a very powerful sorcerer. No one knows quite how, but when the Scion of Souls before him died, he was in the prime position to take up the mantle. Some whisper that he poisoned his master.

What is clear though is that he craved more power than he had. And upon becoming the Scion of Souls and swearing the oath as all had done before him, he spit in their faces and those of the gods. He did what none before dared to do, he claimed the Tome of Eight Souls for himself. The Order of the Black Rose attempted to stop him but it was already too late by the time they acted.

One by one they fell to his mastery of the sword and powerful magics until not a single knight breathed, a few servants escaped the slaughter to spread the word of the Scion's treachery. Using magic from the Tome, he attempted to resurrect the knights (Clarification: The magic used is somewhat different from that of Necromancy) of the Order of the Black Rose as his loyal servants. When the magic made contact with their bodies, flesh and bone turned to ash. But the souls lingered inside the armour and so they did rise again, to serve their new master.

The current Scion of Souls, also called the Harbinger of Doom, began plotting his invasion of all the mortal realms so that he might rule over them all.