Taenoroth is the setting for the Tome of Eight Souls fantasy-verse. It is the only known inhabitable continent after the great cataclysm that was unleashed by a dark being wielding the power of the legendary Tome of Eight Souls. How Taenoroth remained unscathed from that world-wide cataclysm is unknown.


The continent of Taenoroth is a large island landmasse, with several islands and archipalegoes off the coast of it's main body. The center of Taenororth is dominated by a large tributary system, forests, jungles and plains - it is considered the most inhabitable area of the landmasse. On the north east of the continent, mountain ranges become more common and the highest peaks on Taenoroth can be found here.

Near the eastern coast, a sea of sand spreads from the coast line to a mountain range off to the west, which provides shelter to the inner portions of the island from the harsh desert. Sandstorms here are not uncommon, changing the landscape whenever they form. On the western side of Taenoroth are dank, dreary and very uninviting swamp lands.


Although Taenoroth has a diverse range of wildlife and creatures that lonely travellers might not want to meet on the road, it is also home to several intelligent races that either called Taenoroth home prior to the cataclysm or arrived during or shortly after.

Intelligent RacesEdit

  • Humans - Humans came to Taenoroth on ships during the great cataclysm. They settled in the middle of the landmasse and this has afforded them many benefits.
  • Squl'tari - The Squl'tari were once humans, who were exiled shortly after their arrival on Taenoroth for practicing forbibben magical arts. Over the years, their practices slowly changed their bodies. Relatively few in number but far more long lived than normal humans, the Squl'tari have been nicknamed Liches by their counterparts.
  • Casyr - The Casyr are a race of cat-folk that inhabit the mountains of north-eastern Taenoroth. They live in separate tribes or as they call them clans. Few know whether the Casyr were native to Taenoroth or if they arrived here as a result of exodus from another part of the world.
  • Krocoans - Krocoans are an intruiging species of reptillian humanoids who primarily inhabit the eastern deserts of Taenoroth. They are generally secretive and not quick to trust outsiders. They are also known for their ability to go undetected in just about any terrain on the contitent with ease. The Krocoans claim they are natives of Taenoroth also and once shared a bond with the Darkenn.
  • Laeythians - The Laeythian are a race that are finely attuned to the winds of magic. Though they do not originate from Taenoroth, they had estabilished a colony in the north western archipaelogo prior to the great cataclysm. They seem to prefer to remain in that region, with the lucky few outsiders who have talked to mage lords, say that it is here that the arcane arts are strongest on Taenoroth.
  • Darkenn - The Darkenn, a troll-like race that inhabit the swamps of western Taeonorth. They are native to the continent and according to some, they once shared a bond with the Krocoans. The Darkenn were forever changed when a great and evil sorceror arrived in the swamp lands and claimed dominion of them, enslaving the Darkenn in the process.

Other SpeciesEdit

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Kingdoms of TaenorothEdit

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