Human Royalty

This page will detail several things about the humans of Taenoroth - their brief history, characterstics and culture.


The following sections will detail Mankind's history through out the great catacylsm. Few records of theirs survived, so details amongst scholars are patchy at best.


Before the great cataclysm was unleashed upon the world, Scholars believe Humans to have come from a contintent far in the west. This continent, it's name lost forever, was dominated by the Humans though they were not far removed from being barbarians. A few of the tribes would found kingdoms that would war with one another for ownership of the land.

There are records that indicate that one such kingdom had been expanding rapidly, conquering it's neighbours with ease under the guidance of a new warrior king. Humanity had not reached the point where a large kingdom could survive the passing of a ruler without ill reprecussions. Not long before the cataclysm occurred, this great King vanished, never to be seen again.

During the CataclysmEdit

Like the previous period of time, few records of this era for humans exist. In fact, there is only one known parchment deep in the archives of the Royal Palace, behind locked doors that has an account of sorts. It is short and to the point, "Blood rained from the sky, the earth shook, brother fought brother and then they came. They say it is all lost, so we leave on ships to find a new land, with little possessions."

Those that could, fled the realm on anything that would float. It is unknown how many fled and what happened to the ships that did not reach Taenoroth. Some scholars believe several generations were spent at see, others would flatly refuse such notions.

Arrival on TaeonorothEdit

Shortly after the events of the cataclysm had ended, Human ships appeared off the western coast of Taenoroth. There they found land covered in dense jungle and inhabited by a vicious species they couldn't communicate with (later known to be Krocoans). They decided to sail south east along the coast eventually ending up at the mouth of the River Vitalis. The river was deep enough for the ships to traverse and so they travelled up it to find a great lake. They then landed on the northern side of the lake, near a river mouth (which they also called vitalis believing it a continuation of the river they sailed up) and on that site, what would grow to be the Human capital, was founded.


Many would call Humans the jack of all trades, master of none, though they would be the first to correct you. They possess an ingeuinity few other races seem to have and are able to adapt and pick up things relatively fast, though that is speculated by some to be due to their relatively short life expectancies (generally lower than any other intelligent race). Humans do seem to excel in particularly social endeavours however, especially those of trade and diplomacy.


Humans on Taenoroth exhibit a culture similar to that of the feudal system from medieval times. The Human settlers formed the Kingdom of Zedia, which dominates the center of the continent. It is a monarchy, ruled by the same royal house since it's founding. There are cultural differences between those that live in the Capital City and those outside of it.

Those humans who live away from the capital, in either towns or small villages under the rule of lords tend to be more honest and hardworking than their cousins in the city but they also enjoy a lot less freedom and coin. The further away from the capital, the harder the life is and those that aren't cut out for it either flee south to seek fortune in the capital or elsewhere on adventures, often never to be heard from again.

The people of the Capital carry themselves in a somewhat higher regard than the 'country folk' as they are often referred to. Even those that have lucked out but lived in the city their whole lives tend to look down on the people that move into the city. Although there are some cases of indentured service or serfdom in the capital, the residents generally have a bit more freedom. Because the capital city is also the largest trading port on Taenoroth, it has seen plenty of minor cultural shifts from the other races that come to trade or move there.